Attention! Beginner Guitarist!

Do You Think Barre Chords 
Are Impossible To Fret?

You Are Going To Discover How To Make Your Hand 
Play Perfect Barre Chords Every time!

(Without getting cramps, months of frustration, or changing your guitar)

Are you feeling like this or believe this is true?

  • My hands are not strong enough.
  • ​I have been attempting to play barre chords for 2 months and still can not play them.
  • It feels like my index finger is too short.
  • ​They are easier to play on an electric guitar.
  • ​It always hurts a lot when I try to play barre chords.
  • ​My low E string always buzzes and if I press harder on it, another string buzzes.
  • ​My fretting hand hurts after a couple of minutes.
  • ​All this dedication and I still can't play them.
  • I still get fatigue in my hand and my forearm now.
  • ​Is pain something that goes away with time?
  • ​When I try to play a barre chord, it is either inaudible or sounds really bad.
  • I want to start playing some complete songs and many of the ones I like have barre chords. Help!
  • ​I can't make all the strings ring out.
  • ​Playing barre chords makes my tendons feel like they’re going to rip apart.
  • ​They require me to pull at least 90 lbs. of force into the neck of my guitar to sound decent.
  • ​I've been playing for 3 years, and this entire time I've not been able to get all of the strings down.
  • ​I can play some standard chords without too much of a problem, but barre chords are getting frustrating to even try.
  • ​Is it possible my fingers are just too weak to ever do barre chords?
  • ​I have been trying to figure out how to do barre chords for so long. Admittedly, I could try harder, but I am becoming convinced it’s just not an option for me.
  • ​I have injured my wrist on multiple occasions. I’m worried it’s permanently weakened and I just don’t have the hand strength to press down multiple strings with one finger.
  • ​I give up! Barre chords are impossible!


Perfect Barre Chords

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Why Can Some People Play Barre Chords 
Effortlessly While You Are Struggling? 

They Obviously Know Something You're Missing!

In This Course You Will Discover

  • How to make all strings ring out with minimal finger strengh.
  • How to use one shape to play any major or minor chord.
  • ​Switch form open chords to barre chords fast!
  • ​How to make your guitar softer to play
  • Play any song that comes your way.
  • Cheat barre chords for easy playing!
  • ​How to transform your "open chords" to barre chords.
  • ​The secret to eliminate buzzing strings.
  • ​How barre chords are broken down into two parts.
  • Why you are struggling to understand and play barre chords.
  • ​The 1 thing that will make all strings ring out beautifully
  • ​Why practicing an F chord is not working for you.
  • The B chord trick nobody showed you!
  • ​How to turn 1 chord into 6!
  • ​The easy D chord.
  • ​Why barre chords will make you understand how the guitar works with no theory.
  • ​How to tune your guitar for easy playing.

Is This Course For You?


My name is Den López.

When I first started playing the guitar I also struggled with barre chords.

I kept hearing things like: Don't worry, they will come with practice. But they didn't.

Every time I wanted to play a song and an F chord came up, I simply did not play that song. Let's not talk about the B chord!

Have you gone through that?

What a shame, don't you think?

You have the right to be able to play the songs you love. The right not to fear a chord and think it is impossible to play.

Eventually, they did come. But it took years to perfect them!

I looked at chord progressions that had a B and thought: Oh no! Here it comes!

It was such a pain to change to barre chords quickly.

It wasn't till I started teaching guitar that I realized how easy it was to break them into pieces.

By showing my students how to approach them, I noticed the errors and mistakes I had made and how to avoid them.

Now, you don't have to go through that struggle.

You can jump directly to the easy and fun part: Playing any chord in any song you want!


30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 100% money back guarantee!

If in the next 30 days you try the course out and don’t love it for whatever reason, just write an email to the address on the receipt and you will get a full refund.

No questions asked.

Learn How To...

  • Switch from "open chords" to "barre chords" quickly.
  • ​Learn the fretboard and play any chord.
  • ​Apply less tension and get better sound.
  • ​Play on acoustic or electric.
  • ​Apply the same chord shapes to play different chords.
  • ​Play any song you want without the fear of not being able to change chords quickly.
  • ​Stop getting cramps!
  • ​Eliminate the frustration of skipping through songs.
  • ​Use barre chords to expand you chord vocabulary.
  • ​Make all 6 strings ring out even with "weak fingers".
  • ​Play complex chords like Gm7 the easy way.
  • ​Avoid wrist pain.
  • Finally play them ALL!

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Easy Guitar Setup Guide

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If you are finding it hard to fret or your fingers hurt, its probably because your guitar is not setup properly.

Discover how to adjust the string height or even how to change your strings easily.

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Ask any guitar related question. Even if it has nothing to do with the course!

We will get back to you with a written answer 
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